Those who have worked with Claude Oppenheim describe him as highly effective, focused, insightful and professional. Although his background includes B.A.; B.Ed., M.Ed, and Ph.D. degrees, his consulting style is direct and practical rather than academic.

Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of clients is central to the professionalism with which we conduct our practice. Therefore, only those clients are identified who have given their written permission.

“I appreciated the honesty and straightforward manner in which the workshop was led. You were clear and concise and concerned about answering our specific questions while covering the important overall topic.” Erin Emro, Workshop Participant
“I loved the workshop. Especially the way it was engaging and interactive. I feel much more confident as a teacher. I just want to go home and start lesson planning based on your advice. I understand that student engagement is the key to everything, including classroom management.”
Workshop Participant
“His work in policy development and governance has supported development of an effective society – board – management structure which has served the school’s community extremely well over the years”Bill Dickson, Ph.D., formerly of the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary
“Through your probing questions and analysis of issues, you have enriched (our) work.”
Mark Swanson, Ph.D., former Director, Teacher Development and Certification, Alberta Ministry of Education
“Your work . . . was amazing and as I have often said, I learned much from you . . . The report has worked as a catalyst or change agent to help begin things moving in the school” Michael O'Hara, former Principal, Talmud Torah School, Edmonton
“Helped me understand more about grading and evaluating my students.” Kassandra Greenwald, Workshop Participant
“Thank you for your listening ear and for coaching me through some difficult circumstances that I faced. It was invaluable having you to talk with. I know that because of the conversations we shared, I have grown and learned much.”Former Mentee
“I truly believe that I won the lottery when you were assigned as my mentor. I felt at ease with you right from the start and I didn’t hesitate to share my true experience. I didn’t feel that I needed to present myself as polished or accomplished and that allowed me to truly learn from the experience.”Former Mentee

Current and previous clients

  • Independent & Public Schools
  • Airdrie Koinonia Christian School
  • Asasa Academy
  • Banbury Crossroads School
  • Calgary French & International School
  • Calvin Christian School
  • Delta West Academy
  • The Edmonton Talmud Torah School
  • Menorah Academy
  • Nebula Academy
  • Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
  • West Island College
  • Educational Authorities & Organizations
  • The Edmonton Pubic School District
  • Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA)
  • Montreal Federation of Teachers of Jewish Schools
  • Prairie Christian Principals Association