The end of this first COVID semester is the perfect time to survey teachers and parents about their satisfaction with and perceptions of distance teaching and learning. Insights gained from surveys are an invaluable aid in planning for the fall. Our surveys are unique because of theses features:

  • No “cookie cutter” questions. Questionnaires are designed in consultation with schools ensuring that the most important issues are addressed.
  • No sampling. We get more valid results by surveying the entire population
  • All questions allow for open-ended responses – comments explain the ratings and provide the most insight
  • No impractical recommendations.
  • No cost surprises. We provide a guaranteed, all-inclusive fee.

Report on Teacher Satisfaction and Engagement

Based on a comprehensive research project, 10 Ways to Increase Teacher Satisfaction & Engagement, provides insightful advice and important perspectives valuable to all educational leaders.

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Mentoring and Coaching

With a confident, pragmatic and non-judgmental approach, Claude mentors recently appointed heads and leaders, enabling them to successfully transition into their new positions. He also works alongside more experienced administrators, helping them reflect on and refine their practice as well as to identify and assess options in dealing with critical incidents and crises.


Teacher Evaluations in Independent Schools

Teacher evaluations can be positive and empowering experiences. They can create a culture of collegiality, growth and respect. Evaluations can facilitate meaningful and nurturing relationships between teachers and administrators. We've developed a page of resources that will help you achieve overall school success through better teacher evaluations.

Teacher Evaluation Training & Policy Development

Effective teacher assessments and policies lead to better supervisory relationships, improved teacher morale, enhanced classroom experiences and positive school culture. Claude guides administrators, helping them to enhance their evaluation skills in all aspects of teacher performance. He can also guide the development of policy, assessment and observation guides, and report templates.

Head of school evaluations

More than being merely judgements on performance, evaluations also facilitate frank communication, helping the head to assess and enhance relationships with faculty, staff, trustees, parents and students. In addition, the process can assist in the identification of areas which each of these constituencies considers the head’s performance to be strong; and those, if any, in which they would like to see change.

Workshops and Professional Development Programs

With an approach that both respects and challenges, Claude helps participants acquire insight, gain knowledge and refine practice. Sessions that are motivational, informative and empowering include:

  • Social Media: Protecting Yourself, Your Colleagues and Your School
  • Turn Parents in Allies: Effective Parent Communication and Relationship Building
  • Why People Choose Private Schools – and How to have them Choose Yours
  • Principles of Classroom Management
  • I’m going to be evaluated! Making it a Positive Experience
  • Best Practices in Teacher Evaluation
  • Teacher Evaluation: Myths and Realities
  • Encouraging Evaluation Utilization by Preserving Teacher Self-Esteem